Author’s Notes from Bloodsucking Fiends

Bloodsucking Fiends

It all started one day when a friend was helping me move. Like many writers, not much furniture, but tons of books. Anyway, my friend had just finished carrying the fourth box marked “vampire books,” and he said, “You know, you ought to write a vampire book. Youve already done the research for it.”

How true. Turns out Id written and performed a story on radio a few years earlier about a guy whos dating a girl and when he finds out that shes a vampire, rather than stake her, he puts her in a freezer chest until he can figure out what to do. So I started from there, writing about a fairly normal guy who falls in love with a vampire. Then I started thinking about the vampire herself.

I wondered, much as Im sure you have: How come vampires always seem to look well-groomed, but none of them ever seems to bathe or do laundry? How is it that they seem to come out of the grave knowing exactly what to do? What if a vampire had all the same insecurities in death that shed had in life, but she hadnt gotten the instruction book for the care and feeding of a vampire? And why all the brunette vampires? Why not a redhead?

I thought it was high time someone addressed those burning questions. So I wrote this book. It turned out to be the most fun Ive ever had writing a book. I hope you have as much fun on the reading end of things.

Christopher Moore