Razzmatazz — Out Now!

Repeat New York Times bestselling author Christopher Moore returns to the mean streets of San Francisco in this outrageous follow-up to his madcap novel Noir.

Chris’ next event is at Bookshop Santa Cruz on June 16! Visit the events page for tour details.

Noir Chronicles

Repeat New York Times bestselling author Christopher Moore returns to the mean streets of San Francisco in this outrageous follow-up to his madcap novel Noir.
Guys. Dames. San Francisco in 1947. A deadly African snake. An Airforce general from Roswell, New Mexico. What could go wrong?

Death Merchant Chronicles

Secondhand Souls
Doing the job of Death didn’t quite work out the way you had hoped, now you’re trapped in the body of a fourteen-inch tall meat puppet with a giant dong. Things could get weird.
A Dirty Job
You’re a hypochondriac and you have to raise your baby daughter on your own, and now you’ve been given the job of DEATH. Someone has to do it.

Chronicles of Pocket the Fool

Shakespeare for Squirrels
Set adrift by his pirate crew, Pocket of Dog Snogging washes up on the sun-bleached shores of Greece, where he hopes to dazzle the Duke with his comedic brilliance and become his trusted fool.
The Serpent of Venice
Pocket the diminutive English fool is envoy to Venice, where he’s managed to make a lot of enemies, a senator, a merchant, and a soldier, and only one friend, a Moorish general called Othello who has troubles of his own.
He’s the least powerful person at court, but as King Lear divides his kingdom among his three daughters, Pocket the fool is behind the scenes, pulling the strings, and trying to bed some princesses.

Sacré Bleu

Sacré Bleu
The greatest painters of their time are being enchanted by a color. Lucien Lessard and Toulouse-Lautrec need to figure out if that’s what killed their friend Vincent Van Gogh.

Vampires in San Francisco

Bite Me
Goth Girl Abby Normal has waited her whole life for something dark and exotic to happen to her, and now her Dark Lord has chosen her as minion — to do laundry and battle a giant vampire cat?
You Suck
They’re young, in love, and allergic to sunshine. Someone still has to do the laundry.
Bloodsucking Fiends
A city girl with a new thirst for life but no instruction book and a boy from the Midwest looking to find his fortune, and maybe a girlfriend who won’t eat him.

The Pine Cove Books

The Stupidest Angel
It’s Christmas in Pine Cove and someone just killed Santa with a shovel, but the angel has been sent to perform a Christmas miracle.
The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove
What happens when a whole town goes off its meds at once? Libidos rise and so does an ancient, lonely sea beast looking for company and a snack.
Practical Demonkeeping
A boy, his dæmon, and a small coastal town that needs to get rid of them.


Marine Mammal Biologist Nathan Quinn has spend his life looking for the message in the song of humpback whales, and now he may have found it. It appears to be a warning.


Thirty years of Christ’s life were never told, now his rascally childhood friend Biff has been raised from the dead to tell that story.

Island of the Sequined Love Nun

Island of the Sequined Love Nun
When you crash a pink, cosmetic company jet and lose your pilot’s license, and an offer comes from a remote Pacific island to fly medical supplies, no questions asked, it has to be a blessing. Right?

Coyote Blue

Coyote Blue
The Crow trickster god Coyote is in the modern world to give Sam Hunter everything he ever wanted. Be careful what you ask for.

Or, in the order they were written…

Practical Demonkeeping *
Coyote Blue
Bloodsucking Fiends #
The Island of the Sequined Love Nun
The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove *
The Stupidest Angel *
A Dirty Job =
You Suck: A Love Story #
Fool +
Bite Me: A Love Story #
Sacré Bleu
The Serpent of Venice +
Secondhand Souls =
Shakespeare for Squirrels +

* The Pine Cove Books
# Vampires in San Francisco
+ Chronicles of Pocket the Fool
= Death Merchant Chronicles